Try It Before You Buy It: Win Cleaner

Does it take forever to start your computer? Is you laptop running slow? There is a product that claims to fix just that.

(WZZM) -  Does it take forever to start your computer?  Is you laptop running slowly?  One of the products claiming to fix those problems is the Win Cleaner, whose makers say that in just one click your computer will be like new.

We took it to Real IT Solutions to put it to the test.

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Real IT Solutions owner Adam Peterson said he's wary about the Win Cleaner USB stick. "As an IT specialist, you look at this and go, 'It's not going to work. Nothing is this easy."

The commercial makes a lot of claims, saying that for just $19.99 and one click, the computer will be super fast at startup and have speedy downloads. The product claims to optimize and protect.

So to test these things, we first start an uncleaned computer. It takes two minutes and two seconds. "That is not very good," Peterson said.

Let's hope the program can fix it. We plug the Win Cleaner into the USB port. Nothing happens.

We search on the computer for the USB drive, and at first click on the wrong icon. Then we find the right one to launch the program.  "It is not very intuitive," explained Peterson.

We click to start.

We click the end user agreement.

We click and type a registry number.

We click to update.

Now, we are one click away from beginning.

We click, and the program launches into scanning and cleaning the computer.

"There are multiple places on a computer where junk is kept," Peterson said. That explains why the computer is taking roughly 10 minutes to search for files.  Win Cleaner finds around 1 gigabyte of junk to delete.  We hit Yes, and the program finishes. It is important to note that the Win Cleaner does not search for viruses. It doesn't search for malware. Those are things that can slow and break your computer.

We restart the now-clean computer, and to our surprise the computer actually starts up 30 seconds more quickly.  However, Peterson isn't sold.  In our unscientific study, the $19.99 Win Cleaner seemed to work, but he said there are free solutions you can download, like CClearner. In fact, we ran the free version on the same computer, and CCleaner found more files than did Win Cleaner.

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Peterson gives it 3 out of 5.  It is simple, but not as simple as it claims, and there are free solutions that won't cost you money.

Win Cleaner can be used multiple times on one computer for up to a year.