Try It Before You Buy It: Zip It Bedding

Anyone with kids knows getting them to do their chores can be a challenge. But what if making the bed was as easy as a few quick zips?

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) -- Anyone with kids knows getting them to do their chores can be a challenge. But what if making the bed was as easy as a few quick zips? WZZM 13's Meredith TerHaar puts Zip It Bedding to the test in this Try It Before You Buy It.

"Time is a big issue with us, just like any growing family," said Jon Richards, of Norton Shores. With 9-year-old twin boys Taylor and Talon and 11-month-old Bella, the Richards household is a busy one. "They are just typical boys, they will help me with my chores but they don't want to do theirs," said mom Kristin Richards.

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Jon and Kristin are always looking for ways to encourage the boys to keep their rooms clean. Zip It Bedding claims it can help. The ad on the product's website says: "Mom always said "Make your bed"...but it's just too hard. Now there is a way to make mom happy...cause the cool kids know how to zip it! Introducing Zip It Bedding: the revolutionary bedding with zippers that lets you make your bed super fast."

That sounded good to Kristin, "Just like quick zip and then it's done. We could probably get them to make their bed, maybe." "Maybe, we'll see," said Jon.

The online ad goes on to claim: "Zip It Bedding works just like a sleeping bag, so it's easy fast and fun. It zips in just a second and look...your bed is done!" So we head upstairs to give it a try.

Aside from a recommendation to wash it first, and information on how to reverse it, don't expect a lot of instructions.

First step: getting the fitted sheet on the bed. "It's pretty standard on a fitted sheet it seems like. Nothing too surprising," said Jon. Be sure to get the fitted sheet lined up right, because there is a zippered pouch on both sides that you want to be usable.

Mission accomplished for step number one. Now it's time to get the comforter on. "So I noticed there is a couple of on either side," said Jon. "So I'm going to line those up like I would a jacket...and eventually...I just need to line them up a little bit better here...there we go." Now to the other side. "It's funny because it's just a little bit easier when it's on a jacket and you are used to it," he said.

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Comforter is on, pillow is next. "Looks like I can open it up, set it right in here...put the cover back over and zip it up...viola," says Jon. "If they made their bed like this every day, it would be fantastic," he said.

Also of note, there is no zipper at the foot of the bed which surprised us a little bit because the product claims to be just like a sleeping bag, which in many ways it is. But at the same time a sleeping bag would be zipped all the way around.

Now that the product is in place, it's time for the tuck in. Come the next morning, even unmade the "Zip It" looked neater than the regular bed.

We asked the boys what they thought.

"I thought it was really comfortable."

"Did it feel different than a normal bed?" asked Meredith.

"Not really."

"What was it like to make your bed this morning?" she asked.

"Way easier."

"Tell me why it was easier."

"Cause all you had to do was just zip it up."

When asked if they would give it a thumbs up or thumbs down they said: "Thumbs up!"

While the goodnight tuck-in and making the bed seemed to go well, it might be what happened afterwards that was the truest test as the boys jumped Superman style from bed to bed. The Zip It Bedding clearly held up better as they launched themselves from mattress to mattress...creating a mess of the regular loose bedding.

"What did you think?" asked Meredith. "They were excited to make the bed. They really were. Which is a first. They wanted to fight over who made the bed," said Kristin. "For it to look the way it does after they made the bed...yeah, it looks very nice," said Jon.

The Richards really liked the product and it's special features: the zippered pouch on each side and the fact that the pattern is reversible. And they say at $59.99 it's a fair price for a twin bed. Cost is $69.99 for a full.

You can find it online at WalMart and Bed Bath and Beyond also sell them.

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Keep in mind that our test was just for one night. We did read some online reviews that say with longer use the product has a tendency to pill, so be aware of that.