Looking for a flu fighting alternative?

While the CDC still recommends that everyone get the flu shot each year the effectiveness of the vaccination varies from year to year and age.

If there is any good news in this flu season, it's this: doctors say the peak of the epidemic has passed.

Health experts nationwide say the numbers of new flu cases being reported appear to be on the decline. But don't put away the decongestant just yet, officials expect there to be a late season spike in flu cases before it's all over.

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While the CDC still recommends that everyone get the flu shot each year, the effectiveness of the vaccination varies from year to year, and with age. Which is why some look to other alternatives to try to prevent the illness.

"A lot of the time we hear people calling in saying, 'we're going to cancel because we have the flu' and we say well get in here because we actually want to adjust you and help you get over that flu," Chiropractor Joshua Cebula told WZZM 13.

A number of reports suggest chiropractic adjustments help build the immune system.

"What we're doing is helping to stimulate the immune system. Your immune system is your primary defense against colds, flus and infections. So it only works if its functioning at 100 percent and that's where chiropractors come in," Cebula, the owner of All About You Chiropractice, said.

"Our spine houses our nervous system and that nervous system controls our immune system. Our job is to find and remove any nerve system interference and allow the immune system and the surrounding supporting system to function at 100%."

But if all the cracking is just too much for you, maybe you're better suited for a few needles. Andrew Crapo at Harbor Health in Holland has been an acupuncturist for five years and swears by it.

"The needle goes into your body, your body sees it as acute trauma and that causes a chemical release and then it regulates cytosine production," Crapo, said. "So by regulating your blood serum levels of the cytosine we can help build your immune system, or in the case you've already caught the flu, we can also do points to treat the symptoms."

Two natural remedies that won't deny modern medicine, but feel strongly about the other options out there.

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"I think its important to build natural immunity allow your body to fight and build up the defense," Cebula said.

"I think its something that more people should look into and definitely give a shot," Crapo added.

If you're wondering, both acupuncturists and chiropractors say treatments are OK for children as well.

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