West Michigan mom creates new product for breastfeeding moms

A new product made in Michigan, is making life easier for busy moms. It is the "Pumpndo" and it allows women to pump breast milk, hands-free.

"80% of moms start off breastfeeding, but don't continue after returning to work", says Julie Burrell, founder of Pumpndo. She knows how hard it is to pump at the office. “I just DIY’d something.”

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When Julie had her second child, she invented the breast-pump add-on. "I have a desk job, I travel a lot, in a car, pumping in an airport. I just needed something that was easy and convenient and wasn't really expensive."

The Pumpndo allows a woman to use her regular breast pump. The fabric clips on to your regular nursing bra and the pump is inserted into the fabric. “I reached out to breastfeeding moms and ask if they wanted to try it and I got really great feedback. I knew it was something I should keep working on."

The kit costs between $25 and $28 dollars depending on where you buy it. It can be found online at Amazon.com, Pumpndo.com and Aberdeen’s in Grand Haven and Hidden Treasures of Fremont.

"Most of this is done in the U-P. The same company that does Stormy Kromer hats, does the cutting. I have a sewing contractor do the rest."

For Julie, it's about making life easier for working moms. She would also like to see the business grow. "It's made in Michigan, that's amazing. I would love to be busy enough to hire staff and bring more jobs. That's my dream."