Testing out the Arenacross track at Van Andel

Grand Rapids is quickly becoming a favorite stop of the AMSOIL Arenacross circuit.

"I don't know what it is about Grand Rapids but it's always been in love with Arenacross," says Lindsey Scheltema, Arenacross spokesperson.

Arenacross is back in Grand Rapids, after a year hiatus and crews are working to transform Van Andel Arena into a world class Arenacross track.

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"It's heart stopping, the adrenaline is pumping, it's crazy." says Scheltema, "I can't even explain it because it's so exciting, it's so addicting."

Scheltema is a Byron Center native, former Arenacross racer and now a spokesperson for the circuit. Thursday she took her time showing me what it takes to be an Arenacross rider.

I squeezed myself into as much of the race suit as I could and took off.

It was my first time on a dirt bike in about 15 years. Scheltema had one important bit of advice, something most riders learn when they start at the age of 5.

"My best advice is throttle control, people get a little apprehensive when they see the throttle and they don't realize how much control the throttle really has," says Scheltema

I made it around in first gear a few times and survived to tell this tale but I got just a taste of what some of the best riders in the world will be doing Saturday, at much higher speeds and intensities.

"The lap times are about 20 seconds, so that means there is minimal room for error," says Scheltema, "these guys have to make every second count."

Friday crews will put the finishing touches on the course, the amatuers will clear the track and a packed Vanandel will see the best the sport has to offer.

"We have a top pool of talent this year," says Scheltema, "Last weekend proved its point. We have a lot of top riders, a lot more than 10 this year so it's going to be a great season."

The action begins Saturday at 5 PM with a track party before the main event with the races starting at 7 PM.

Tickets start at $15.