Kirk was born in Detroit and grew up in Milford, Michigan and has worked in Chico, Los Angeles, Tampa, Detroit, Lansing, and Denver. 

He has won four Emmy Awards and several Associated Press Awards. 

Kirk is also an actor and singer. He has appeared in several independent films, a few soap operas and prime time TV in epic, don't blink or you will miss him performances. :) Kirk has also recorded a number of CDs for charity.

He loves his Cocker Spaniel, Joey, who he rescued from a puppy mill 11 years ago. Kirk is also an accomplished still photographer. He is also a self proclaimed sci-fi geek. 

Kirk is thrilled to explore the west side of his home state and is looking forward to sharing the great news of West Michigan. 

If you have a news tip or any suggestions for ways for Kirk to explore his new neighborhood, contact him at