The audience at Van Andel Arena was mesmerized during the opening night performance of Cirque Du Soleil OVO, Wednesday, Dec. 14.

The show centers around the story of a mysterious egg that appears causing insects to become awestruck over the iconic object. OVO means “egg” in Portuguese and, the symbol of the life cycle and birth of numerous insects represents the underlying thread of the show.

"It is the egg of one of the insects, the blue fly, that arrives one day in a peaceful colony of insects," said Nicolas Chabot, publicist for the show. "They are kind of afraid of who he is.

"He falls in love with the lady bug of the colony and he has to show the rest of the colony of insects that he deserves her love."'

Chabot describes the performance as a romantic comedy of sorts. But, what is undeniable is the talent and agility demonstrated on stage throughout the story line.

"We also have nine really strong acrobatic acts, feet juggling, trampoline, tumbling, aerial strap and aerial cradle," said Chabot. "A lot of really strong acts that will really amaze you."

OVO was a Big Top show that toured between 2009 and 2015. Show producers wanted to make sure the show could continue to tour and expand to new markets. So, they turned it into an arena version to tour more easily.

"Everything you see, we tear down in three hours and we tour a new city every week," said Chabot.

People in Grand Rapids will be able to see the show through Sunday, Dec. 18. For more information visit Cirque Du Soleil or Van Andel Arena websites.