We talked to the guys from Free Beer and Hot Wings on the WZZM 13 Morning News about a mother who is very upset over the way a school punished her son.

EULESS -- Shara Francis tries to run a tight ship around her home. She admits that's no easy task with two children under 10 years old. Administering discipline to her children comes when necessary.

But three weeks ago a note arrived at home with her 8-year-old son. It was from her son's teacher at Wilshire Elementary in Euless.

"We both were, like, flabbergasted," Francis said.

Mom and dad read the note from their son's responsibility booklet: it detailed how the teacher disciplined their first grader after he put mud and wood chips in the school urinal.

"The teacher made him dig in the urinal and clean it out with his bare hands," she said.

Mom says her son was forced to clean out the mess in front of her son's classmates.

Francis wants to make it very clear that she was also bothered by her son's actions that day. But she and the boy's father are outraged by the way the senior teacher handled it.

"It bothered me to look at my son and have him explain this to me and see the hurt and degration [sic] in his face," she said.

Francis told News 8 that her son has ADHD and that the school was fully aware that her son may require special accommodations. News 8 spoke with the boy.

"What if she put her hand in the toilet? She wouldn't have liked that. So do not make a kid do it," the 8-year-old told News 8.

The Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District tells News 8 the senior teacher was placed on administrative leave following the incident. A spokesperson stated that the district cannot comment on the investigation until it's done.

Francis has met with administrators and that teacher in the weeks following the incident. She tells News 8 that the district and teacher were apologetic,but News 8 could not confirm this with the district.

At the end of the note it reads, "he washed his hands thoroughly," but that's not enough for Francis.

"Every time I talk about it I still get like, 'Are you kidding me? Did she really make my son do this?'" Francis asked rhetorically.

Francis tells News 8 that she learned in school meetings that the teacher in question would not return for the school year and would seek retirement. HEBISD could only confirm to News 8 that the teacher has not returned to school from administrative leave.