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New test could detect breast cancer 5 years before diagnosis

Breast cancer could soon be detected through a blood test
Credit: Getty Images

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Catching breast cancer in it's earliest stages is the only way to save lives. And now there's new research that may have discovered a way to detect breast cancer up to five years before you have it with a blood test.

 A research team from the United Kingdom's Center of Excellence for Autoimmunity in Cancer screened samples for 40 proteins in blood that can be linked to cancer. 

The research showed that breast cancer induces auto-antibodies against certain tumor proteins. Researchers were able to detect the breast cancer antigens with reasonable accuracy in the blood.

It's so promising in fact that researchers are now working to compile a larger group of patients to see if they get the same results. If they do, it could mean the development of a blood test for breast cancer in the near future.