GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Jayden doesn’t dawdle, doodle or dally when drawing. He gets straight to the point especially when he depicts characters in games. “Jayden enjoys creating characters for video games and drawing them on paper,” says his worker. “Jayden is a smart, creative and active boy.” He even draws a line in the sand and uses his brainpower during conversations. “Jayden enjoys a great debate and is very intelligent,” his worker explains. In addition to drawing, Jayden enjoys playing sports and video games. When he’s asked to describe himself, Jayden says he’s nice and active. 

Jayden receives services to help him manage his feelings and behavior. He receives assistance in school to function at his best. 

“Jayden would do well with a single male parent, two male parents or a male and female parent as long they are willing to be patient with him,” his worker says. Jayden’s new parent or parents must be experienced and trauma informed. His new forever family must make sure Jayden receives the services that will help him thrive. Finally, his family must be willing to let Jayden maintain his sibling relationships.

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Courtesy: Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange