When you enter Yah’Meshia’s house, you might catch the scent of baked goods wafting through the air. That’s because Meshia, as she prefers, likes baking and recently has taken to making bread, cookies and cake. In addition to baking Meshia has a gift for singing and has placed second in a talent show. Meshia aims to please, too, especially at Christmas, which she enjoys celebrating by getting people presents and watching their eyes light up when they open their gifts. Making Meshia’s eyes light up seems pretty simple: Just be silly and make her laugh. Other things Meshia enjoys include her favorite subject in school, math, her favorite thing to do after school, zombie tag, and her favorite thing to do on the weekends, watch movies. She is currently involved in soft ball and enjoys that very much. Meshia also enjoys her free time, and she dreams of traveling one day. If she could visit anywhere in the world, Meshia would go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and perhaps sample some French pastries. As a matter of fact, Meshia wants to go on trips with her future forever family since she has never been out of Michigan. She also wants lots of family time doing activities such as making crafts together and playing board games.

Meshia says she’s not a bad child; she just tends to have some things on her mind. She’s described as a funny, bubbly, easy-going kid who sometimes demands attention and can become jealous of peers at times. Meshia demonstrates some challenging behavior, but when she gets upset, she says that she needs her space. She does receive services to help her manage her behavior and emotions. Academically, Yah’Meisha is doing very well in school. Her teachers and school social worker enjoy working with her.

Meshia prefers a forever family with a mom, but her worker believes a two-parent home best fits Meshia since she requires a great deal of one-on-one attention. She’d also do best as the only child in the home. Her family would need to understand how Meshia’s past trauma impacts her behavior and exercise patience as she tries to cope with her past. Finally, her family will need to advocate for the services that will benefit Meshia’s success.

For more information, call 800-589-MARE (6273) or visit: www.mare.org.