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Pandemic Patio Perfection

Boost your Patio Game

Interior designer Leslie Hart-Davidson from HDD Studios offers tips for making your patio a fabulous, tranquil, inviting space to spend time in this summer.

• Lighting is a THING:  string lights can offer a layer of hominess to a space.  Break out the indoor/outdoor holiday lights and pop them around your patio to make the space more festive

• Textiles bring the indoors OUTSIDE:  outdoor-rated area rugs and pillows create a softness to the space for great relaxation

• Succulents and plants bring LIFE:  watch florals grow and thrive in unique containers like mugs

• Spray paint allows REINCARNATION:  old patio furniture can have a fabulous glow-up with a quick clean and a coat of spray paint

• Don’t overlook the FUNCTION:  galvanized buckets filled with ice can keep your quarn-tinis and other beverages cool

• Whimsy adds PERSONALITY:   a bit of nostalgia that makes you smile each time you look at it deserves to belong in a space of tranquility

You can contact Leslie HERE