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The Camera Shop Muskegon Launches Facebook Photography Challenge

Find the abstract beauty in your own home

MUSKEGON, Mich — At Home Abstract Photo Challenge

Abstract photography is all about creating unique images from ordinary subjects. Unlike other genres of photography, where the idea is to present your subject as clearly as possible. Abstract photography allows you the freedom to represent the shape, form, color, pattern and texture of the object you are photographing in a whole new light. Instead of capturing a literal representation of the subject, you are instead just capturing the essence of it.


1. Grab your cell phone or camera, roam your house, and abstract something that captures your eye.

2. Share your images with us on our Camera Shop Facebook Photo Challenge post, through a Facebook message, or email them to sales@camerashopmuskegon.com. Provide us with your Instagram username and phone used to capture your image. #camerashopmuskegon

Abstract Photography Photo Tips:

1) Inspiration - Always start with research! I always encourage everyone to search for inspiration within the genre types of photography you are in search of capturing. In this case I would search for "Abstract Photography", better yet, "abstract photography at home". This will provide you with enough inspiration to spur your creativity.

2) Get Up Close - The easiest way to abstract an object is to get closer to it. The closer you get the more unrecognizable it becomes. The best way to do this is with a macro lens. Don't have a macro lens? No problem! You can also achieve the same objective using a zoom lens, extension tubes, or cropping in post-production photo editing software.

3) Compositional Elements - Composition is the arrangement of visual elements within your image that aid your viewer in interrupting and perceiving your photograph.

Key elements to look for when creating abstracts:

  • Color - Colors stimulate the mind and emotions. Remember that colors have meaning. When shooting abstracts try filling the entire frame with a single color. The color then becomes the main focus of the image and will have a powerful visual impact. Shoot for bold and bright, grab your viewers attention with highly saturated and intense colors. Contrasting colors will create dynamic abstract photographs.
  • Texture - Look for textures. Encourage the viewer to mentally reach out and touch the subject and feel its texture. To create the best textures use a hard light source and get up close.
  • Patterns - Emphasize recurring patterns. Patterns tend to create strong shapes and graphical elements which are very well suited to abstract photography. They make your photos more interesting in terms of shape, color and depth.
  • Lines & Curves - Lines are great at leading your eyes though a photograph. They're also great at creating interesting and geometrical shapes which add to the abstract nature of the image. Horizontal and vertical lines are good to work with, but not near as interesting and dynamic as diagonal lines. Curved lines invoke a more graceful and flowing feel to your images.

4) Shadows - If you can't find the light, create or add it. In the case of abstracts adding a light source can help accentuate shape and texture. Shadows help add that contrasting allure that will add interest to your photographs.

5) Shoot Through Objects  - Shooting through a transparent object can distort and colorize your image in a unique fashion. Think of a rain covered window, bubble wrap, a textured vase.

6) Capture Reflections - Surfaces provide a fantastic abstraction. The distorted effects of the uneven reflective surface creates a unique alternate reality. Think of a cheese grater, pots and pans, etc. Set objects of color or your phone screen near them and capture the results.

Now it's time to get creative and wander your house and create some compelling "At Home Abstracts"! Have fun creating everyone.