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Setting up a Work from Home Space

Leslie Hart-Davidson from HDD Studios shares a few tips for setting up a space to work from home.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — For thousands of Americans, working from home has become a new reality. But as many take stock of their space, they realize that it's not up to par for a video conference call! 

 Leslie Hart-Davidson from HDD Studios shares a few tips for setting up a space to work from home.

Set boundaries

  • Communicate with your family about what the rules are for being in the space where you're working for the day
  • Clear expectations about visits and interruptions are helpful, but don't rule out using actual tape on the floor if you are in an open space and need to define your work zone.  It worked for the Brady kids.

User Test Constantly

  • You don't have to one-and-done your workspace; constant refinement of the area will make you more productive.  Do you have enough room for your laptop and a coffee?  Is your area bright enough or too bright?  Check in with your needs daily to assess what works well and don't be afraid to change it up.

Consider Ergonomics

  • If you didn't bring home your fancy office chair, your back might be yelling at you right now.  Be on the lookout for a stiff neck, belly issues or squinty eyes from a less-than-optimal space and make adjustments to your surroundings accordingly.  Swap out a chair for a stool or a stability ball, or maybe give a standing desk a whirl.  Your lower back will thank you.

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