Want to avoid sad, droopy bows on packages and wreaths this holiday season? Professional interior designer Leslie Hart-Davidson from HDD Studios has great tips to ensure a bow that will wow the crowd.

  1. Great bows start with great materials. Choose a wired ribbon that's at least 1.5" wide. Narrower ribbons are harder to twist and keep together, and non-wired ribbon will droop and lose shape too quickly.
  2. Have a chenille stem, scissors and a ruler or measuring tape ready.
  3. Unroll the spool to about 12' long and begin by forming a "burrito" roll in your non-dominant thumb.
  4. Channel your inner Elle Wood from Legally Blonde and remember her "Bend and SNAP!" mantra as you perform the "Loop and TWIST!" The goal is to create a pair of 7 matching loops on the top and bottom that are incrementally larger.
  5. For the first side, hold your burrito firmly with your thumb and create the first loop that is about 1.5x longer than your burrito.
  6. Twist the loop at the back side of the burrito and hold it firmly with your index finger. Repeat that loop size on the bottom, then twist again back at the center.
  7. Create the second pair of loops that are a tiny bit longer than the previous loop, twisting in the center each time and holding firmly with your index finger. Repeat until 7 loops exist on both the top and bottom.
  8. Pinching the burrito tightly, place a chenille stem through the center of the burrito and tie it tightly like a bread bag twisty on the bottom.
  9. Cut the "umbilical cord" of the remaining ribbon a few inches beyond the chenille twist.
  10. To poof the bow, find the burrito and puff it up again. On the top side, grasp loops number 1&2 in your fingers and pull them to opposite sides. Repeat these pulls to the side with pairs 3&4, then 5&6. For loop number 7, leave it even with burrito and simply fluff it.
  11. Turn the bow to the opposite side and repeat the loop pair pulling.
  12. To create a tail, cut a piece of ribbon twice the length of the desired tail and find the center. Add the tail to the chenille stem twist by wrapping it up separately from the first bunch. Cut notches or angles at the bottom of the tail for a finished look.

The finished bow will be about 6" in diameter and use roughly 4 yards of ribbon. The chenille stem can be taped to a gift package or wrapped around a wreath or other decor item. Enjoy!

For more from Leslie, visit www.hddstudios.com.

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