Issues with male performance can have a larger impact on the overall health of your relationship and quality of life, than one might think. It is important to feel comfortable talking through these issues not only with your significant other, but with a specialized physician as well. Grand Rapids Men’s Clinic specializes in discreet and sensitive care, while also fixing the root of any issue, and not masking symptoms with prescription drugs.

GAINSWAVE is a non-invasive, drug-free, non-surgical treatment option that repairs existing blood vessels as well as improves blood flow and promotes the growth of new blood vessels. GAINSWAVE has been proven to have benefits lasting up to two years, however patients can continue to receive ongoing treatments as part of the GAINSWAVE therapy method. The science behind GAINSWAVE therapy was developed from over 40 clinical research studies supporting the effectiveness of shockwave therapy for improved health and performance, and is FDA approved.

Dr. Naveed Naeem at the Grand Rapids Men’s Clinic take a whole person-centered care approach, combining conventional medicine principles with regenerative medicine and treatment options. With patients traveling from all over the state of Michigan and surrounding areas, Dr. Naveed is devoted to disease prevention, wellness and restoring your health. Call or visit Dr. Naveed at the Grand Rapids Men’s Clinic for a consultation and to see if GAINSWAVE is the right option to get your relationship and quality of life back on track.

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