We all get the occasional headache, but what if it turns out to be something more? Our friends at Metro Health, Marcia Fitzgerald and Dr. Augusto Elias, stopped by to help us spot the signs of an aneurysm and prevent a stroke.

Metro Health – University of Michigan Health’s goal is to bring more awareness to strokes, including how to identify if someone is having one. There is a simple acronym to use that can help you know if someone is having a stroke: F.A.S.T.

F stands for Facial Drooping. Is one side of the face drooping lower than the other?

A stands for Arm Weakness. Is it difficult to raise or lift the arms?

S stands for Speech Loss or Slurring. Is speech incomprehensible or difficult to understand?

T is for Time. Do not drive your loved one to the hospital, as each second is critical. Nearly 2 million brain cells die per minute when someone is experiencing a stroke. The faster you call 911, the faster EMS can alert the closest Comprehensive Stroke Center, so a team of medical professionals is ready to begin treatment.

Metro Health is a nationally recognized Comprehensive Stroke Center, bringing world-class health care to the West Michigan community.

The information above is courtesy of Metro Health. For more information, visit metrohealth.net

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