Michigan Education Corps: Reading Corps

Michigan Education Corps is a statewide initiative to help every Michigan child become a successful reader by the end of third grade.


  • Today, nearly 4 out of 10 third graders in Michigan are failing to reach basic levels of literacy.
  • If kids don't read proficiently by the end of third grade, the odds of graduating from high school are stacked against them.
  • In Michigan, 45,000 kids are at risk of dropping out of high school before they even finish elementary school.

(What MEC does)

  • Michigan Education Corps partners with schools in Michigan to provide literacy tutors for young children struggling to read.
  • We train AmeriCorps tutors and support them in the school setting so they can help kids through one-on-one instruction or in small group settings.
  • Each student receives a tailored program based on their needs, because ultimately we want every child in Michigan to be a successful reader.

(Program Reach)

  • We have been getting great response to our program.
  • Over the last two years Michigan Education Corps has grown from 4 schools to 23.
  • Today we serve about 1200 kids statewide.
  • The program we use is an AmeriCorps program, which is also being implemented in 7 other states.
  • Schools and administrators are really excited about it, but our biggest need right now is for more tutors.
  • We need tutors so we can go into more schools and help more kids.


  • Really anyone with the time and desire to serve can sign up to be a tutor for Michigan Education Corps – you don't have to have a background in education, we will provide the training for what you need.
  • Tutoring is a great option for college students looking to fill a gap year and make some money before moving on to higher education or anyone who's looking to give back to their community.
  • For more information about becoming a tutor, visit our website at or feel free to call Tom Bobo, our Program Director, at (616) 490-4529.

Other Points if time permits:

(Connection to Hope Network)

  • MEC is a program of Hope Network, a state-wide non-profit that exists to help people overcome social, mental, physical barriers that impact how they live.
  • That's exactly what MEC is doing: We help kids overcome.

(AmeriCorps Affiliation)

  • AmeriCorps is often described as the domestic version of the Peace Corps.
  • It's a national service organization with about 100,000 members serving in a variety of programs throughout the United States each year.
  • The reading program we use is an AmeriCorps program.

(Member Benefits)

  • To be a tutor it's an 11-month commitment.
  • It's not a volunteer position; they do receive a modest living allowance, benefits, and an education award.
  • Many tutors tell us that the best reward is the relationships they develop with these children and the growth that prepares them for their next professional step.


  • Michigan Education Corps, is a service line of Hope Network and a statewide program to help every Michigan child become a successful reader by the end of third grade.
  • The program places trained AmeriCorps tutors in schools, where they deliver 1:1, research-based reading interventions everyday with children from age three to grade three who are at risk for not reading at grade level.

Courtesy: Michigan Education Corps