RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. — Jordan Mica is six years old. And like most kids his age, he’s losing his baby teeth.

"They're, like, falling out,” Jordan said with a giggle.

Unlike most kids his age, he is also power-lifting.

"You guys ready," Jordan shouted before he hoisted a weight-laden barbell in three consecutive dead-lifts. "I basically do some lifting sometimes, and I also bring out the mat to do some Jiu-Jitsu, and I also do some wrestling because it's about to start.”

And he’s good. His family chronicles Jordan’s progress via Instagram, which is where Jordan’s dad, Jason Mica, tagged ABC10. Lifting competition are open for kids ages eight and up, but Jordan wants a piece of the action now.

But is it safe? The Mayo Clinic has guidance, saying powerlifting can “put too much strain” on young bodies, especially when “proper technique is sacrificed.” However, his father and coach, Jason Mica, makes sure his son is safe.

"If you go heavy — to really damage the growth plates to the extent that it would stunt your growth would require, in my opinion, just negligence,” Jason said.

Jason Mica, a strength trainer, Jui-Jitsu instructor and power-lifter himself, said technique and safety are his top priorities.

"Sometimes we'll stay at a weight for as much as two weeks, and he'll just work on the technique and really appreciate it,” Jason said.

Plus, he knows the pain of injury as a kid. At 10 years old, Jason was hit by a truck while riding his bike. The physical therapist told him to lift weights to build muscle, or else he might have troubles with mobility later in life.

"I was dragged under the front and swept underneath,” Jason said.

Now he's building his three sons' and daughter’s strength, health and futures. The boys lift, and his daughter is a high school gymnast.

"When I grow up, I'll probably become a lifter,” Jordan said. “And I'll become a marine biologist because I like sharks a lot. And I’ll probably become an artist because I’m actually pretty good at drawing.”

He’s a little boy with big, strong dreams.

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