They're soon to be together again.

Thanks to a concerned citizen, and the power of social media, a family photo album filled with baby pictures, is heading back to the baby - who now happens to be 35-years old, and lives 3,000 miles from where the album was found.

"My mother called me and said, 'hey, you were on the news back in Michigan,'" said Jennifer Rose, via Skype, from her home in San Luis Obispo, California. "A friend of [my mother's] who used to babysit me contacted [my mother] because he still lives in Michigan.

"[My mother] got the link to the story, and it all just kind of went from there."

Rose, who was born and raised in California, spent some time during her early years of life, visiting family who lived in Muskegon, which is why they were discovered in West Michigan.

Without this caption found on the pages of the photo album, re-connecting the photos with Jennifer Rose would likely have not happened so fast. Jennifer's name, her birth date, as well as her parents' names, helped citizen sleuths find the family.

"When I watched the link, I started to cry because I hadn't seen those pictures for so long," said Rose.

This whole journey began in early October when Muskegon resident, Becca Genson went to a thrift store in Muskegon, Michigan.

"I was looking for some items, then a photo album caught my eye," said Genson. "I picked up the album, and out fell several pages of pictures that were inside it."

Genson decided to take the pages to the store clerk, who allowed Genson to take them home, free of charge, with the hope of reconnecting them with the original owners.

"I spent a week trying to contact people through my social media sites, but I had no luck," said Genson. "So, I figured I'd reach out to WZZM for help."

The photos are still in great shape, and what helped solve this mystery was the fact that there were several captions next to the pictures. One of the captions read:

"Jennifer Marie Rose

Born: February 27, 1982

Proud parents: Bruce & Debbie Rose"

The story first aired on WZZM during the station's 6 o'clock newscast on Wednesday, October 11. Soon after, a link to the story was placed on WZZM's facebook page.

That's when the fun began.

Citizen sleuths from all over were trying to help.

Less than three hours after the link was live on Facebook, a gentleman called WZZM claiming that he was Jennifer Rose's former babysitter, and that he knew how to get a hold of her.

Less than 30 minutes later, WZZM was in dialogue with Jennifer Rose, and she confirmed that she was the infant in the photos, and that the other people were members of her family.

"You see these kinds of stories all the time, and you don't think that you're ever going to be [in a story like that]," said Rose. "I can't wait to get those photos."

This is Jennifer Marie Rose today. She's 35-years old, and owns a ranch full of horses. She says she was shocked to find out that a story about her baby pictures has made the news back in Michigan.

Becca Genson says she plans to mail the photo album to Jennifer within the coming days. Genson also says she will be re-visiting the thrift store in Muskegon to see of any more of Jennifer Rose's photo albums may be there.

Jennifer Rose's former babysitter reached out to WZZM and shared Jennifer's Facebook page with us. We personal messaged her through Facebook and shared a link to the story. This is her response, confirming the photos were hers.

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