UPDATE as of Thursday, Oct. 12: The baby pictures inside of the photo album found at a Muskegon thrift shop were dated 1982 with the name Jennifer Marie Rose and Jennifer has reached out to us. She's the baby in the photos and the adults are her dad and late grandparents. Jennifer plans on connected with the Becca Genson who found the photos and get them back.

MUSKEGON, Mich. -- In the past, WZZM viewers have contacted our TV station, claiming they found old photos, books and toys, and they hoped that with our help, these lost items would eventually be returned to the rightful owners.

Thanks to social media, WZZM's rate of reconnecting items with original owners has been quite high. WZZM has been recruited to try it again.

Becca Genson recently visited a thrift store in Muskegon, Michigan hoping to find a photo album.

"I went over to the picture frames and saw a photo album I liked," said Genson. "As soon as I picked up the album, pages fell out onto the floor, and the pages were filled with old photos.

"The photos are of a young family celebrating the birth of their daughter; I know I'd want these back if they were lost."

The infant in the photos is Jennifer Marie Rose. She was born on February 27, 1982. Her parents are Bruce & Debbie Rose.

"I brought the pages up to the counter at the store and let the clerk know," said Genson. "I asked if I could take them with me and try to reconnect them with the family."

Genson has been using her personal social media platforms to try and find the family in the photos, but so far that effort has been unsuccessful, so she contacted WZZM.

Becca Genson is asking citizen sleuths to take a look at the photos, and the names, and try to help locate any family members so these pictrures can be returned safely.

Becca Genson can be reached directly at this email address: beccagenson1@yahoo.com

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