He's a man with a memory that lets him capture snapshots from his youth.

"Everybody loves him. They call him the G-man," Angela Marlow said.

The G-man is Gregory Inman.

He lives with his sister, Angela, and his brother-in-law, Greg, at their house in LaFollette.

Gregory asked for a smaller bed in his basement bedroom to make more room for his painting studio.

"He gets in a zone down here. He's happy. He's content," Angela said. "He's amazing. He's got... he's an autistic savant. So he'll paint things from memory from his childhood back in the 70s."

Colorful paintings cover the walls. They are based on weather reports he remembers from Ohio.

Black and white drawings capture other television moments from long ago.

He keeps his meticulously recreated Time Magazine covers in binders.

Gregory is on the autism spectrum and doesn't talk a lot. Drawing is a way to communicate.

"If he wants something he can draw it for me or he can write it down. If I don't understand him. Like if he wants something for dinner and I don't know what he is saying he can write it down on the paper for me and I know what he wants," Angela said.

He wants to paint.

"He paints all day. He'll take a break for Ellen DeGeneres but that's about it," she said.

So of course he combined his two loves and painted an Ellen t-shirt for himself.

"Everything he paints has a smile on him. A smile. There's never anybody sad. Everything he draws from a snowman to a lion. If he draws a lion it's got a smile on its face," Angela said.

His draws in people in the community. The G-man is pretty popular in LaFollette.

"He goes down to Katie's restaurant on Friday night and they have live music. The place is just packed. And so everybody in the community comes and everybody gets a drawing from him and they say hi to him buy him a little dessert," she said.

He's counting down the days to football season. Gregory knows the entire schedule and the time and channel to watch every game.

And he may just paint what he sees.

Gregory's sister is also an artist. Right now you can see Angela Marlow's paintings at the Master's Edition Gallery of Light in Pigeon Forge.