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'Ok Boomer' causes uproar online

The two simple words essentially mean: "You are old and out of touch."

SAN DIEGO — “Okay boomer” is a cut down millennials, those under the age 38, are using to dismiss the opinions of the baby boomer generation. It began as jab on the app Tik Tok, but it has since gone main stream.

The two simple words essentially mean: "You are old and out of touch."

Those who use "okay boomer" say it is in response to all the criticism millennials receive like being called "snowflakes" for allegedly being too sensitive.

One boomer said she was proud of the term.

"You know what, I'm old school. I'm old school. They don't know what a pay phone is. They don't know the struggle," said the woman.

Joe Sirback II, who is a labor and employment attorney, said saying "okay boomer" light heartedly could get some in trouble because age is a protected classification just like race and ethnicity. Due to federal law, employers should take it seriously.

This week, the term gained even more popularity after a 25-year-old parliament member in New Zealand used it to dismiss an older colleague heckling her.

Sirback said for most of us that's a risky move and it's best to leave any "okay boomer" remarks out of the workplace.