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The Original E-Block with Kirk Montgomery

ET headlines for Sept. 24, 2021.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — - A live televised interview with Vice President Kamala Harris was delayed on Friday after two hosts of the “The View” learned that they tested positive for COVID-19 moments before they were to interview her. Co-host Sunny Hostin and guest host Ana Navarro both learned they tested positive for breakthrough cases ahead of the interview. Both Navarro and Hostin were at the table for the start of the show, but then were pulled from the set.

- Decades after playing Captain Kirk, TMZ is reporting William Shatner will be on board the next Space Flight thanks to Jeff Bezos. 

- A Taste of Muskegon returns to Hackley Park Friday and Saturday. 

- Studio Park presents the outdoor exhibition, DAVID WALLACE HASKINS: BEING IN TIME, including new work from Haskins' contemplative Skycube series, allowing visitors to come face to face with the slow unfolding presence of the sky, and to see themselves held in the very light and space that sustains them in time -- underlining the forgotten intimacy and interdependence we share with the sky each day. 

Haskins reminds us, "The troposphere starts at ground level, the sky is down here, we live in it." 

Walking past the Skycube reveals Haskins' latest Time Mirror, a large LED screen reflecting the piazza in layers of time, allowing visitors to meet their past self as well as step into their present self, to become fully embodied in time.