More and more people are starting to drink kombucha, a fermented and effervescent drink with probiotics and enzymes that are said to have health benefits.

It originated in China and has been around for thousands of years.

Sacred Springs Kombucha is a small business based in Jenison that's growing quickly. They are brewing kombucha in a way that's so unique they might be the only ones doing it this way anywhere.

Sound is what sets Sacred Springs Kombucha apart, "It's shaking the kombucha and vibrating it so all the bacteria and yeast activate in a different way. All the tannins that might get tangled up for our flavor each get to vibrate and find their own home. So all of a sudden we can create these really complex flavors," explained Sacred Springs co-creator Geoff Lamden.

The company officially launched in September of 2016 and now employs 4 people full time. They hand bottle five flavors of kombucha at their Jenison facility while using sound, vibration, and light during every step of the process.

The labels even list the vibrations used to create the kombucha.

"Some people make claims that kombucha does all this healing to the body, but what it does is it helps with digestion, and inflammation, so the body then can free up the energy its working with on that and get itself back into balance," said Geoff. "Kombucha is basically an anti-inflammatory digestive aid that gives your body a bunch of nutrients. Your body is doing the healing though."

Their top selling flavor is Root of Life, their flagship -- it's made with beets, ginger and a turmeric blend.

"We believe this is a living entity so we believe the intention we put into it is then going to be able to express itself to the people who are drinking it. So the intention we put into it is one of goodness and finding balance for yourself," said Geoff.

The team is passionate about sharing their knowledge with the community equipping others to make kombucha at home with workshops they hold on the weekends. "At a workshop people are going to get a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) so they can brew kombucha themselves, they are going to learn about the history of kombucha and the health benefits," explained Geoff.

"We think that that is really important for everyone to be authentic so we will never not be our authentic self and we are hoping that our kombucha will help others achieve their authentic selves as well."

Sacred Springs' kombucha can be found in over 200 stores throughout the Midwest, including your local Meijer store.

The next workshop they are hosting is February 17 at Meijer Gardens, they have another planned for Blandford Nature Center on May 12.

Click here to check out their website and see a list of where their products are available.

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