Everyone's life and circumstances are different, and everyone's quality of life is different. Having a good quality of life is important for everyone, no matter what age they are.

Often, people measure their quality of life in several ways. It can be by their satisfaction with life, despite and throughout its fluctuations. Or it could be feeling a sense of purpose. It could be a specific phyical, mental, and psychological state.

A person's quality of life can be seen in their perspectives, values, cultures, personal expectations, and goals. You can also see it in their level of acceptance of their condition, and the quality of relationships they have with others.

For seniors, several misconceptions can lead to a decreased quality of life.

1: People move to a retirement community to die. People come to a retirement community to thrive. Being around many other people can also prevent isolation, depression, and loneliness. Most people say “I should have made the move sooner!”

2: New diagnoses mean a worsened quality of life. The earlier a diagnosis is given, the more time people have to get equipped to cope with the condition and in turn that gives the opportunity to live a more meaningful and productive life.

3: Older people contribute little to society. With age comes wisdom. Listening to the stories from an elder can be life changing. Some of the things they went through are unfathomable and you can learn valuable lessons from their life experiences

4: Mental and physical deterioration are inevitable. Keeping your mind and body active are key. We also need to understand that even with mental and physical deterioration, we all deserve the best quality of life possible.

Fortunately, there are ways to increase the quality of life of someone you love.

  • Reminiscing on old memories
  • Lending a listening ear
  • Give them your time
  • Empathize with them
  • Creating open communication with the care givers
  • Validate their words, feelings, and beliefs
  • Support them

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