GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - As we get older, we stop doing a lot of the things we did when we were children. However, growing old doesn't mean you have to give up having fun or looking at things through the eyes of a child. By looking at things with wonder, excitement, and love, we can all feel a bit better this holiday season.

Happiness is contagious, so actively working to find moments of joy in our daily lives and in our holiday celebrations can help others feel good too. Porter Hills has some suggestions for how to accomplish it.

Appreciate and marvel at the things you see and hear. Be silly with bows and ribbons on packages, watch the animals that live outside your window, and remember that wrapping paper comes with its own sword when the paper is gone.

Celebrate the little things. Toddlers get applauded for small accomplishments, so why not the rest of us. When a toddler takes one step we all clap, so find someone nearby who could use some applause when they take a step. Cheer for them loudly. If someone is cheering you on, be proud of your one step, even if you fall the next moment.

Move frequently. Kids are always go, go, go. Even when they are sitting, they wiggle and squirm. Get moving!

Giggle until you belly laugh.

Be creative and artistic. Color outside the lines, be messy, hand your artwork prominently on the fridge. Play with play-doh, having fun doing things you used to do when you were younger. Don't hold back!

Use your imagination. Squint your eyes to see the sparkling lights on the Christmas tree. They twinkle! Make a silly face and laugh at your reflection in an ornament.

Stay inquisitive. Find a gift and shake it. See if you can guess what's inside. It doesn't have to be yoru own.

Celebrate your loved ones. Run to the door when people arrive, greet them like a child would. Even if it's only been a short time since you last saw them, pretend it's been much longer and share a smile.

This holiday, do as children do, giggle, play, and move. Don't plan every moment and have fun, it's something you can pass on to those around you.

Mackenzie is a producer at 13 ON YOUR SIDE.

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