It's very likely you've heard of essential oils, but it's also very likely that you have no idea how to use them or why they are suddenly becoming more popular.

Mary Mitus, RN, MSN, CCAP, Aromatherapy Practitioner and Health Coach, Health Everlasting and Barbara Meconis, RN, BS, owner of Holistic Care Approach & Universal Health Solutions Board Member joined the Weekend Morning News team to share some basics.

They will be holding a session about essential oils on March 21, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. called "The Essentials of Essential Oils." The free event will be held at the Donnelly Center at Aquinas College.

Here is a description of the class from the organizers:

"Discover essential oils and their multitude of uses, including as home remedies, safe replacements for chemical cleaners, aromatherapy, and personal care products. In use for thousands of years, essential oils are experiencing a resurgence of interest. Come hear why and learn more about the myriad ways to incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle."

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