There are plenty of ways to make extra cash. Two local women have taken their passion and turned it into a way to supplement their income.

Lisa is a mother of two, and by day is a dental hygienist.

"I love what I do," said Lisa Davis.

After her second child, Davis decided to give Isagenix a try. Isagenix is a a brand of meal replacement shakes that according to the company is "nutritious, mix of protein, energy-boosting carbohydrates and good fats that promote reduced cravings, healthy weight loss, and fat burning while building strong, lean muscle mass."

Davis agrees. That's why in addition to her day job she started selling the product.

At first, Davis didn't think of it as a way to make extra money. "At first I just shared it with family and friends, not a big deal, then it just snowballed. I thought, this is something I can do," said Davis.

She continues to use and sell the product in addition to her full time job. For more information on Lisa's side job, click here.

Kate Kennedy is also passion about health and wellness. As an avid athlete her goal is to make the Crossfit Games. She's been training for years now, and found a way she can spend more time in the gym while also making some extra money.

"I do personal training, and coaching. I train anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle or athletes who want to continue to be the best athlete they can be," said Kennedy. "If I have a half hour here or there I can train, so I'm just here more often."

Kate Kennedy started Fit Meals Grand Rapids for people who want a little help with healthy eating.
Kate Kennedy started Fit Meals Grand Rapids for people who want a little help with healthy eating.

In addition to her training, and side gig, Kennedy started her own business Fit Meals. She combines her knowledge of fitness with her knowledge of nutrition. She spends one on one time with her clients, assists them with menu's and meal prep.

"I like to meet with my clients, so I'll do a free 30-minute consult to talk to them about their goals and what they like to eat," said Kennedy. "Then, we can come up with a menu if they don't see something that they like."

For more information on Kate's coaching and personal training click here, for help on the nutrition side click here.

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