CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Maine — Being part of a couple can be challenging; getting along, problem-solving, taking care of the kids. But for a pair of bald eagles in Cumberland County, their partnership has taken flight, and one Maine man has been capturing it for years. 

Karl Ramsdell of Old Orchard Beach has had his own eagle eye on the avian pair for the last three years. Karl says he spots the eagles around January, and they stay until fall. 

"It is an amazing thing to watch," says Ramsdell, an avid birder who visits their nest daily. He says he's snapped thousands of images. 

Ramsdell has seen the couple mate, have eaglets, teach their young to fly, fortify their nest and squawk endlessly at each other. 

Ramsdell posts the pictures online with witty captions like:

“You better move over, Mister. I saw you checking out her tail feathers!”

Eagle couple in Cumberland County
Karl Ramsdell has been watching these Bald Eagles for years in Cumberland County.
Karl Ramsdell

Currently, the mother eagle is sitting on eggs, guarding the nest while her man brings her food.

Ramsdell admits that no one can know what the bald eagles, who mate until death, can be thinking. But he supposes their lasting partnership may have similar challenges to those humans face, and suggests maybe there is something we can learn from them.