This holiday season, one local couple will be bundling up with not one, not two -- but three identical newborn babies.

The trio was born just three weeks ago and they are doing well. As for the parents? They're still in shock, their family has more than doubled.

"You kind of set in panic mode a little bit, a little fear takes over, ok a lot of fear," father, John Vandermolen said. "So I will take one and Julie will take one, I don't know who will take a third, maybe we need to get a dog," he said as his wife Julie laughed beside him.

"The ultrasound tech did bring John a trash can just in case, he did not look good," she added.

The couple had been trying to have a baby for a while. After a miscarriage, and Julie losing her father, she quickly learned, miracles can happen.

"I got pregnant right after losing my father, so that was a very emotional time for me and I thought about how I wish he could have met my sons," she said. "But to have three beautiful healthy gifts, it was a blessing we didn't know to pray for."

Babies Ivan, William and Harrison were born just minutes apart. The challenge now is remembering which is which is which.

"They are three very different sizes right now. So we can tell them apart really easily right now," Julie said.
"Ask us that question in six months its going to be a little difficult, we're just going to have to come up with some stickers, friendship bracelet, brother bracelets, we'll figure it out," John added with a chuckle.

The couple is looking forward to hopefully bringing the babies home in the next few days and starting their new life together.

No one in either of their families has ever had triplets before, but there are a few twins in the Vandermolen family.