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Oscar Mayer hot dog ice cream sandwich is real... and terrifying

It's made of candied hot dog bits and spicy dijon gelato... Would you try it? 😳

What do you get when you blend candied hot dog bits, hot dog sweet cream and spicy dijon gelato topped on a cookie bun? The all-new "Ice Dog Sandwich" by Oscar Mayer.

We kid you not! This concoction is both real... and terrifying. 😳

Just one day after French's announced that it's releasing a mustard-flavor ice cream (🤢), Oscar Mayer immediately dethroned them with what may now be the weirdest flavored ice cream treat yet.

"Who eats just mustard @Frenchs?" Oscar Mayer tweeted on Thursday. "Condiments were made for Oscar Mayer hot dogs."

Oscar Mayer described their off-putting treat to be hot dog flavored ice cream sandwiched with spicy mustard, perfect for a hot summer day.

And if your taste buds are curious about the ingredients:

If this, for some reason, sounds appetizing to you, it isn't known when this quirky dessert will hit store shelves. 

But if you'll be in New York City this month, you're in luck. You'll be among the first to try some samples for free during the week of Aug. 12. If that wasn't special enough, these samples will be served by a special-edition ice cream Wienermobile!

Tell us, would you try it?