GRAND RAPIDS, Mich — Meal prepping must suit your lifestyle in order to work. Registered Dietitians Wendy Brookhouse and Sarah VanEerden from The McCahill Group shared some easy tips and tricks to make eating healthy convenient.

Utilize your resources:

  • Review your pantry, fridge and freezer. How many meals can you incorporate items that you already have on hand and frequently use?
  • Use same ingredients for multiple lunches and snacks.
    • Slice mini bell peppers to use for:
      • Snacks with hummus or DIY Greek Yogurt veggie dip
      • Fajitas wrap - add black beans, cheese, salsa and a tortilla for a wrap or quesadilla.
        • Add (proportioned) guacamole, Greek yogurt as sour cream substitute.
      • Stir fry vegetables, add peanuts and steamer bag of quinoa.

Take time to prep:

  • Cook chicken in a crock pot, make a large batch of whole grains to use for multiple meals.
  • Examples of how to use for many healthy meals:
    • Grain bowls
    • Soup
    • Salad

Portion into containers to grab & go. Use things like glass dishes, freezer bags and small containers for snacks.

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