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Turducken Pringles will go on sale tomorrow

This is not clickbait. It is not a joke. This is actually happening. Yes, really.
Credit: Kellogg
It's coming soon, whether you're ready or not.

NEW ORLEANS — What is a Turducken? For some, it's a tradition. For others, a crime against Thanksgiving dinner. For most people, it's a cooked chicken, stuffed inside a duck, which is itself stuffed in a turkey. 

And now it's a Pringles flavor. 

That's right, you read that correctly. Turducken Pringles chips are now a thing. 

The "Friendsgiving Feast Turducken Kit" will have six flavors of chips: turkey, duck, chicken, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

You're supposed to take the first three, stack them together (just like with regular Pringles, one is never enough) and chomp down for that delightful three-bird taste. 

The other three chips take the place of traditional Thanksgiving sides. 

According to the website where you can buy these, there are a ton of benefits to going full chip for Thanksgiving: 

  • Avoid clamoring for oven space and jockeying for Grandma’s fancy china platters.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth well before dessert, with an insanely accurate “Pumpkin pie” flavor.
  • Turn crisp eating into a veritable taste experiment with fun flavor stacking with the pack exclusive Turducken Stack.

You can't argue with talking points like that. 

This latest evolution in turducken technology comes about 35 years after the dish was conceived. 

The turducken as we know it today came from New Orleans, because of course it did. 

The generally accepted fact is that the Thanksgiving feast was popularized by Cajun chef Paul Prudhomme in New Orleans, but nobody knows for sure where it originated. One of the widely touted claims says the first turducken came from the minds of Junior and Sammy Hebert in Maurice, Louisiana (just south of Lafayette) in 1985.

But if you want your turducken chips, you'll have to be quick. 

You can't get them in stores, presumably to prevent stampedes through every grocery store in the nation, and last year's Thanksgiving Pringles (turkey and pumpkin pie, if you're interested) went out of stock online in 41 minutes, according to USA Today. 

This year's Pringles are set to go on sale at noon ET (that's 11 a.m. in Louisiana) Thursday. You can click here to keep the Kellogg store website open and refresh it endlessly until they're on sale. 

No word on a price yet, but each customer is limited to two packs and there will be a $5 flat shipping fee to prevent your chips from getting crunched before you get a chance to munch.