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One Good Thing: Brewery helping brewery

The Mitten owes Guardian Brewing a cold one for lending out their cold storage.

SAUGATUCK, Mich. — Time for One Good Thing -- someone or something that makes West Michigan a good place to live. 

"Look for the helpers." Popular advice from the beloved, late Fred Rogers to remember when things go bad. 

It was also the top line of a Facebook post from yesterday by a local brewery.

Like many others in West Michigan, The Mitten Brewing Company lost power because of the storm. 

This presented a problem because they have a lot of goods that can go bad quickly. 

This is what they wrote:

"Look for the helpers. Last night, the power at The Mitten Brewing Company - Saugatuck went out during the storm. Today we learned it may not be back on for a few days. As we scrambled to prevent our perishables from spoiling, our friends down the road at Guardian Brewing Company reached out to save the day by lending us space in their walk-in cooler - even helping us unload - until our power turns back on! Cheers to all of the wonderful people in the Michigan craft beer scene!"

Thanks to the Guardian Brewing Company for helping out folks who are likely more friends than they are competitors. Mitten... you owe them a beer.

If you have a One Good Thing you'd like to submit - someone or something that makes West Michigan a good place to live - email me with your photos and-or video at OneGoodThing@13OnYourSide.com.