If you're having a rough time getting going this morning then maybe you should try a cold shower -- it does more than just wake you up.

Health benefits of cold showers are trending, Pinterest has seen a 75-percent increase in searches for the chilly morning ritual.

One of the reasons cold showers are good for you is because the shock causes your body to produce norepinephrine. That's your body's natural painkiller which stimulates the immune system, helps relieve pain and boost your mood.

Cold showers are also good for your skin. Cold water causes blood vessels to constrict which helps with puffiness and shrinks pores.

Cold showers are nothing new -- they've have been around for centuries in Europe and many cultures, mostly the Netherlands and Russia, still make it part of their daily routine.

If you don't think you can handle taking an shower with entirely cold shower, start with just 10 seconds right at the end of shower and build up from there.

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