If you aren’t feeling very motivated on Monday mornings, it could be because you're dehydrated.

Water plays a big role in how we feel. Our bodies are made up of 65 percent water, so when we're dehydrated it affects a lot of things -- including mood.

Because water travels through the blood carrying oxygen and nutrients and getting rid of waste, it has an effect on a lot of bodily functions.

It helps energize muscles, keeps your organs working, boosts your immune system and improves your skin.

And yes, it also improves your mood. When you're dehydrated, it causes a loss of blood flow to your brain that affects your mood sensors.

Here's how much you need to drink every day:

  • Men: 104 ounces
  • Women: 72 ounces

The good news is that includes your morning coffee and any foods like watermelon or zucchini that have a high-water content.

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