Did you sleep well last night? Then it's possible when you woke up, you had a little drool on your pillow.

Ever wonder why that happens?

If you find yourself consistently waking up with saliva on your pillow, you could have an underlying health issue.

Your body produces about one and half liters of salive a day, or nearly six cups! So imagine, if you're over producing saliva, what that means for your body's ability to contain it.

Hay fever and food allergies force the body to produce more mucus and that creates more saliva -- as do sinus infections, colds and flu.

Certain medicines can also up your saliva production -- like seizure medications and anti-depressants.

Pregnancy can also produce excess saliva that lands on your pillow.

But, it could also be that you were just exhausted, fell asleep hard and slept all night with your mouth open.

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