Beach season is here and if you're not quite in swimsuit shape yet, a recent study shows surrounding yourself with active people may help you get there.

According to a study from Nature Communications, seeing how much your friends are exercising can impact on how much you work out -- and they used fitness trackers to figure that out.

The researchers looked at more than one million people who use fitness trackers and share their activity with friends. They found for every 10 minutes a person's friend ran, that person would run an extra three minutes.

Dr. Joseph Rock with the Cleveland Clinic says he believes when we share our plans with others, it holds us accountable and makes us more likely to stick to our exercise plan.

Rock adds if you're trying to lose weight, hanging out with someone who isn't motivated to exercise isn't going to help your cause.

Don't try to live up to the bar set by the super athletes in your life. The type of person to motivate you is someone who is trying to make better life choices and occasionally falls behind, but ultimately bounces back and keeps going.

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