Here's one that's will have you checking the bathroom mirror twice -- your eye color influences your health and your personality.

If you have light colored eyes, you are more likely to get eye cancer because you have less melanoma in your skin, therefore raising your risk.

The most common eye color is brown. About 55 percent of us have brown eyes, which means people are more likely to trust you. But you are also more likely to get cataracts, have a lower pain tolerance and be more prone to anxiety. However, you are independent and when it comes to sports, you're better at reactive sports like tennis and baseball.

Only 8 percent of us have blue eyes. That means a higher risk for Type 1 Diabetes and hearing loss. And you’re more likely to drink and become addicted to alcohol. You have a lower risk of depression and are more competitive. When it comes to sports you are better at start to finish games like bowling and golfing.

Hazel eyes belong to only 5-8 percent of the population. Those of you with this eye color have lower pain tolerance and are prone to anxiety and digestive issues. You’re also spontaneous and don't back down from a challenge.

Green eyes are the rarest. Only 2 percent of the world's population have green eyes. They are considered the sexiest eye color. If you have green eyes, you have a higher pain tolerance, higher risk of cancer, are passionate, creative and get jealous easily.

This all according to a study released by the Impulse Corporation in Los Angeles. To learn more, click here.

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