When that work week alarm goes off you might find you don’t have much motivation to head into work. If you’re thinking of rolling over for an extra nine minutes of snoozing -- don't do it!

There are scientific ways to boost your productivity at work.

  • Take a coffee breaks. Baylor University did a study that found employees who take mid-morning coffee breaks have more energy, concentration and motivation.
  • Chat with your friends. London's School of Economics found that workers were 10 percent more productive because chatting put workers in a good mood. They were also more motivated to be at work.
  • Work six-hour days. Research published in the World Economic Forum found that you get more work done in six hours than you do in eight. The less hours you work, the more productive you are.
  • Take a nap. Sleep.org found the power nap at work makes you more productive by resetting your brain. Lots of companies are jumping in on this health kick. From Google to Nike, even the Huffington Post, allow employees to nap.

So, let’s get out there have a productive work day!

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