If you groaned when your alarm went off this morning you are not alone. Seventy-eight percent of Americans feel stressed about going to work, according to the latest workforce statistics.

So, why not take the day and goof off, at work! Research shows it can make you healthier.

Goofing off at work is not only a natural stress reliever, but we're wired to goof off in order to be happy. In fact, research has proven you should take a break to goof off every two to three hours to stay mentally healthy.

Here are a few ways goofing off is good for your health:

  1. It lowers your stress levels which improves your immunity.
  2. It's good for your brain because it allows you time to be creative which improves your memory.
  3. Creates bonding with friends and family.
  4. Play also usually involves laughing which releases feel good endorphins that lower our blood pressure and burn calories.

So be sure to celebrate National Goof Off Day!

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