Some schools are already back some start Monday either way one thing they'll need are new shoes. And probably more than one pair.

Toughest part for a parent when buying back to school shoes is 'do I buy them bigger' and if so how much bigger?

Most girl’s feet will stop growing by the time they're 14. For boys that takes a little longer 16 years of age. Until that age you should always buy one size up.

Now for some Don'ts:

  • Don't hand down shoes. Every child wears a shoe differently. And with rapidly growing feet wearing a shoe that isn't formed to your fit can cause problems later.
  • Don't leave your child at home. If their feet are still growing they need to be there to see how the shoe fits.
  • Shoes Don't need a break-in period. They should be immediately comfortable. And you child should try them on with socks or tights depending on what they will be wearing them with.

Sometimes the problem isn't growing out of them so much as the kiddos are just wearing them out.

It's also important to look at where that wear is happening -- especially if it's on the heel. If they are wearing out the heel faster than the other parts of the shoe or if you look at the shoes and there is uneven heel wear; both could be a sign of a foot problem that should be looked at by a podiatrist.

Here some Do's when it comes to shoe shopping for kids.

  • Look for a stiff heel. Press both sides of the heel. It shouldn't collapse.
  • Check toe flexibility the shoe should bend with your child's toes.
  • Buy a shoe with a rigid middle. Does the shoe twist? It should never twist in the middle.

For more foot health information and to find a local podiatrist visit

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