Many us of spent the weekend running our kids to sporting events or watching them play Friday Night Football.
Some of us maybe even watched them take a pretty good hit.

Concussions can be a scary thing and can even have lifelong implications. Soon a new app could help give a diagnosis on the sideline.

The app is called Pupilscreen and it’s designed to detect changes in a pupil's response to light using a rsmartphone camera.

It uses the same theory as the pupillary light reflex which is a standard for diagnosing more serious conditions like traumatic brain injury.

The app is already being tested on some high school and college sidelines.

Here's how it works.

The Pupilscreen uses the phone's flash to stimulate the patient's eyes and then takes a 3 second video of how their pupil reacts. And it uses that to measure changes in pupil size. Even a slight change in pupil size can indicate a concussion.

Right now, even the best screening protocols are still subjective. Michigan has some stringent guidelines for concussions but if a player really wants to get back on the field they can find a way to cheat the system.

Researchers hope they can have the app in the hands of every coaching staff that may want it in about two years.

They also hope it can be used for not only sports but also seniors who may fall and hit their head or anyone who might take a hard fall.

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