Time to get up and get the day started. Did you start it off with a shower? If so, you may want to change up some of your habits.

Ninety-percent of the cells on your skin are germs. But the good news is, only about 1- to 2 percent of them can make you sick.

Here are some ways to cut down on the chances of catching something.

If you clean your shower weekly, you may need to up that to every other day if you've the flu or norovirus going through the house. Those germs can live on surfaces from a few hours to a few days. Add some hot shower steam and you've just improved their standard of living to luxury accommodations!

If you're a fan of using bar soap, make sure you are cleaning where it sits. That goo that forms under it is a wonderful place for bacteria to grow.

Switch out your razor. They are called disposable razors for a reason. One use and throw them away. If you've got the replaceable head kind, keep your razor outside the shower so it can air dry between uses. If you are getting red bumps after you shave, it could very well be because of the bacteria on the razor that's giving you cellulitis and since we naturally carry the staph virus on our skin, you can also give yourself a staph infection which is far more serious.

And wash those feet! Just letting them sit your dirty soapy water that runs down your body isn't enough to get them clean! Think about all the places you've walked barefoot -- like your kitchen floor. Germs galore!

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