It's an office trend that's been making the rounds lately - the standing desk. It’s said to be healthier than sitting all day.

Recent studies found that sitting all day is as bad as smoking and can lead to diabetes, hypertension, cancer and even anxiety.

But do standing desks really make a difference when it comes to your health?

To get to the bottom of whether sitting or standing was better, the Mayo Clinic looked at 700 studies on standing and your health.

They found that standing all day instead of sitting only burns an additional 54 calories.

But they also found that people who stand at their desks tend to move more throughout the day, like instead of sending an email, they would walk to a co-worker’s desk.

There are other benefits to standing at work. It reduces back pain, lowers risk of blood clots in legs, improves mood, energy levels and productivity.

If you don’t have a standing desk, not to worry. If you get up and move every 30 minutes you will burn about the same amount of additional calories at standing and gain the same health benefits!

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