It's National Retro Day, and we're looking back at some of the health trends in the 80's that made their way onto the scene and were, like, totally rad.

Oats, oatmeal, oatmeal bread -- anything with oats in it -- was considered like totally cool to chow down on, thanks to a study that said eating oats can lower cholesterol and reduce your chances of getting heart disease.

Sushi, which is still popular today, became a fav among young Americans as people started paying more attention to the health benefits of foods like fish and vegetables and getting away from fried foods.

The 80's also brought us the low-fat rage -- everything from Lean Cuisine to artificial sweeteners! Snackwells anyone???

And when it came to diets there were no more easy fixes. It was back to hardcore discipline. The Scarsdale Diet was a two-week high-protein-low-calorie diet of 1,000 calories a day or lower. Carrots and celery were you snack friends.

Breaking a sweat meant putting on your neon leotard and jazzercising or getting to the aerobics class. Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons were the big fitness influences of the early '80s. Later in the decade you were doing a little Tae Bo with Billy Blanks!

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