Let's face it, if there's a gadget involved, guys tend to be a little more inclined to get things done and that includes fitness.

Here are a few hot trends in men's fitness.

If you are a gamer, and love to run then virtual reality trend mills may be for you. They came out toward the end 2017. It's a treadmill that allows you to move through your favorite games or take a scenic run through foreign countries.

They can get as extravagant as you want with all your gaming gear to just virtual reality glasses. That definitely takes the treadmill experience up a notch. They cost about the same as a normal treadmill but you have to buy each of the accessories separately.

Here's another new trend guys are gravitating to. Delete the food tracking app and download one that tells you what foods to eat to lose weight and get healthy!

Fooducate allows you to snap a pic of the UPC barcode and then the app will tell you things like, is there enough protein for you? Is it vegan friendly? Is it gluten free? It's kind of like having a nutritionist in your hand but there is a catch, it does cost five dollars.

And then there's the app Meal Snap for when you're eating out. Take a pic of the food you’re eating and then get a calorie estimate. It's not completely accurate but it comes pretty close, within 100 calories. It's a good self-check reminder of how many calories you're eating. Meal snap also comes with a fee of three dollars.

A few big health trends that can help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals!

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