When it comes to a cancer diagnosis waiting days for the results of a biopsy can be emotionally draining.

But soon you may only have to wait 10 seconds.

The new technology is the size of a pen and detects cancer with 96 percent accuracy. It's called the Cancer Pen -- and researchers at the University of Texas are developing it right now.

The cancer pen deposits a droplet of water on your skin, then re-absorbs it. That process collects molecules in your skin which is what it uses to diagnose cancer.

Within-in just 10 seconds it displays the words "Normal" or "Cancer" on the computer screen.

The hope is to start testing the Cancer Pen next year in surgical procedures to help doctors determine if they've gotten all the cancer surrounding a tumor. From there it will likely take a few more years before the Pen is used in your doctor's office.

Right now, it's only been tested on more invasive cancers like breast, lung, thyroid and ovarian. But the hope is that it could be used for all types of cancer. Imagine what it could mean for pancreatic cancer which is so hard to detect.

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