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The bigger the better? Not when it comes to your heart

It is WZZM 13 Love Your Heart Day  and time to check to see how much you know about your heart.

It is WZZM 13 Love Your Heart Day and time to check to see how much you know about your heart.

WZZM 13 Health Reporter Valerie Lego has a fun quiz to test your heart knowledge, all the answers will be at the bottom of this story!

1. True or false? The bigger your heart is, the better it is.

2. How many times does a heart beat in a lifetime?

A. 2.5 million
B. 2.5 billion
C. 2.5 trillion

3. Finish the sentence: A broken heart can...

A. Really hurt.
B. Be seen on an x-ray.
C. Last forever.

4. Where in your chest is your heart located?

A. Left
B. Right
C. Center

5. True or False? A heart can sometimes fix itself?

How do you think you did? Check your answers below:

1. False
2. B. 2.5 billion
3. A. Really hurt
4. C. Center
5. True


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Courtesy of WebMD.

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